About Us

BioPolymer Industries provides high value multi-functional polymers and additives to many markets including those concerned with erosion control, soil stabilization, mining, infrastructure, dust control, water conservation, and horticulture. These polymers improve the flow characteristics and performance of our customers’ products or production processes.

We offer an extensive product line that includes rheology modifiers, water retention additives, polymeric surfactants, binders, tackifiers, extrusion aids, adhesion promoters, emulsion stabilizers, and high-efficiency film formers. Our ReCell™ brand of cellulose-based polymers provide an exceptional value for product formulators and developers.

Working collaboratively with our customers, we are known for our ability to provide innovative solutions that solve the challenges faced by the markets we serve in a proactive way. This commitment and focus enables BPI to nurture partnerships and to build on our technical expertise to improve the value of what we can offer. Our goal is to be the fastest growing and most competitive supplier of bio-based polymers in the markets we serve.